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Did you know those who use sunbeds before age 30 increase their lifetime risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by 75 percent? Melanoma will kill an estimated 8,650 people in the US this year alone.

I spent my evening talking to the beautiful ladies at Tan On Demand. They are located in the Gourley building in downtown Sioux Falls just off of 6th and Main. Michelle, Laura, and Kristi all share space in a gorgeous space in the old building. The set up is very warm and cozy, you almost feel at home as soon as you walk in their doors. Tan On Demand is now in it’s eighth year of business. When I sat down to speak with them, they let me know that first and foremost they strive for awareness. They want everyone to know how harmful tanning in a bed or a booth can be. It CAN happen to you, and if you are a regular at a tanning salon, the statistics show that it probably WILL happen to you! Laura knows first hand just how scary it can be to have skin cancer. She told me she started tanning as a Freshman in high school. She’d had cancerous cells scraped from her skin a few times, then at the age of just 28, her doctor found more serious skin cancer on her nose. She had to have surgery to remove the cancer from multiple layers of skin. The ladies at Tan On Demand hope that if they can educate others on just how easy it is to get skin cancer, they may be able to stop someone else from needed surgery, or even dying.

The next priority on their list is to make sure every client walking through their door feels special and relaxed. They make sure to answer any questions you have before you begin with your spray tan. One of the really great things about Tan On Demand is they only take one client at a time, you must make an appointment ahead of time. They do it that way to ensure each person has their undivided attention. They are fantastic at getting to know  each client and what their needs may be!

There are tons of advantages to going here for and air brushed spray tan versus a spray tan booth at a salon. The first one is the personally attention I previously mentioned. Second, have you ever worried that you may turn out orange? Well the great thing is, they the bronzing solution special for each customer depending on your skin type, skin shade, and what kind of results you are looking for. When you go to a salon it’s on mixture for every one, you only choose a shade, which sometimes doesn’t turn out the be results. This is a total custom experience at Tan On Demand! They will make sure that all of you is covered completely evenly. The great part is, if you think they missed a spot or later on you think part of you is darker, they can fix those areas, and ONLY those areas right away! A booth at a salon doesn’t have that ability. They also let me know that spray tans are the only thing they do, and because it’s the only thing they do, they can do it very well. Because they only specialize in one thing they are able to do it perfectly! They also stress that the strive to make you as comfortable as possible, totally judgment free. When it comes to how bare you want to be when you’re sprayed, that decision is all up to you.

The reason I wanted to interview these ladies and feature them on my blog is because I actually personally go to Michelle for my spray tan. I stopped tanning in a tanning bed almost a year ago. I honestly just decided I really don’t want skin cancer. The problem is, I still want to be tan! For me, the really great part about a spray tan is the almost instant gratification! It does take around 8 hours to develop, but that sure beats having to go lay in a tanning bed day after day, week after week, to slowly build a tan! I was really unsure about getting a spray tan because I have seen really orange and really blotchy people. But, I did a little research and looking around at different places to go. I also spent some time messaging Michelle some questions and she reassured me it would turn out ok! Boy am I glad I found Michelle, she’s such a blast to talk to while she sprays you and while you wait for the spray to dry before you leave. She’s literally become one of my favorite people ever after I was there for my first appointment! They really do make it easy and not at all awkward!

There are just a few last things they want you to know. If you are worried about putting “chemicals” on your skin, you don’t need too because their solution is completely safe and it’s actually sugar based. Before you go in for your spray tan they have a few do’s and don’t you can read on their website that I’ll link below. For example, they ask that you don’t put on any lotion that day before you are sprayed. It helps the tan stick better and more evenly if your skin is dry that day. Each session is $45, but when you buy 3 you get your fourth time free, so on average it ends up costing more like $33.75 per session! They also offer a 2fer discount, so if you come in with a friend, you’ll each get a lower rate! The spray lasts on average 7 to 10 days, looking the best for the first 5 to 7 days. They also say that your tan lasts longer or fades faster depending on how often you shower in the days after your spray. They recommend using sulfate free soap also for longer lasting results!

This group is such a blast to talk to, it might just be the best part of your spray tan appointment! I really, urge you to try it out! I’ve had the greatest results going to them and I can’t even put into words what a satisfied customer I am! They urge adults to make the switch to spray tanning and to bring their kids in to them before events like prom. It’s a great healthy example to set for the little people that may be watching what you do!

Click on the link below to schedule an appointment! Beginning in the Fall they will also be available on Saturdays for appointments! I promise this is one experience you won’t regret!

Click here for more information or to book a session for your gorgeous glow!


To find their location just follow the photos below! Head down to the Gourley building. Once you’ve parked go into this green door shown on the side of the building. Once inside you’ll head up flight a stairs and through a doorway into their studio! Also pictured below is the studio and the closed off area where you stand while being sprayed! The next photo is the spray machine! They have the only machine in Sioux Falls that sprays a HEATED mist! That’s right, no cold uncomfortable spray! I won’t say who told me, but I heard also that since it’s sugar based, if for some reason you get a little mist in your mouth during your session it actually tastes nice and sweet đŸ˜‰ Last is a photo of the lovely ladies waiting to help you at Tan On Demand! Left is Kristi, middle is Michelle, and on the right is Laura!



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