Little Girls Love Boutiques too!

If your little girl is anything like mine, she LOVES shopping, but only if it’s for her! She also loves posing and taking pictures. She’s been asking for weeks to get to be in my blog so we rounded up a few great, age appropriate options! Aubrey loves dressing in the same kind of clothes I do and she reminds me all that time that someday not too far away she’ll be able to fit in MY clothes an borrow them. I’m not sure if I look forward to that day or not, but I try my best to get her equally great clothes that she’ll love too! To be honest, if there is a certain trendy look I like but I’m not sure if I can pull it off, I’ll put it on Aubrey! In my opinion she can literally pull off anything, so in some cases I live vicariously through her. Since she looks up to my style choices I really make it a point not to wear anything I would never allow her to wear. Minus some of the outfits I wear out to dinner for special occasions, those she will have to wait until she’s an adult to wear just like I did. This little girl doesn’t need a mini skirt anytime soon! We do pick her clothes together usually and I don’t make her wear anything she doesn’t like too. She really turning out to have great taste in clothes I must say! I can’t wait to continue to show everyone her styles too! I do need to note that children’s clothing is a little scarce in boutiques around South Dakota so her outfits won’t 100% be from just boutiques, we still shop Target and Kid’s Gap for her. There are also some online out of town boutiques we’ve found with fantastic quality clothes and great customer service, so I’ll be sure to post those too! I’ll tell you a little about the looks she chose now!

The color blocked flowy shirt she chose on the left is from Filly Flair’s Online store. They don’t carry this line in their actual store as of now, but they have told me that’s something they’re working on getting in the store very soon, but for now you’ll have to order! The maxi dress on the far right is also a Filly Flair order along with the necklace pictured with this dress! I took Aubrey to the store and told her she could literally have any necklace in the whole store to go with her dress and I’m proud to say that’s the one she picked!! The two Filly Flair pieces come in more then one color too, so I did link both choices below.

The shirt in the middle was my purchase for Aubrey at the AMaVo Fall Fashion event I posted about previously. She was WAY excited about this one and she really loves the lacy sleeves! This one I did buy quite a bit larger then her actual current size. Since she grows fairly quickly I like to buy things that are meant to be flowy or a little over sized anyways so we can get longer use out of everything! Especially like a few of her sweaters that she’s obsessed with wearing! Now, AMaVo is opposite on the kids clothes, they carry all of them in the store and only a few pieces online! So I’ll link what they do have online but to shop this shirt and their other kids items, you do have to go to the actual store.

She is crazy overly obsessed with boots just like I am! We found these little booties at Payless actually! They surprisingly have some great kids choices right now! We were pretty impressed! She adores fringe on everything too just like mama, which you can see not only on the boots but her sweet little cross body purse we picked up at Target! I wanted this purse for me, so I got it for her! Usually if I love something she does too! We’ve got quite a few little cross body purses for her because she likes them to match her outfits and she likes having some Kleenex, lip gloss, and her money from chores with her when we go running errands! I’ll do my best linking everything to the correct items below! I’ll link something similar if it’s no longer available. I can’t wait to keep showing every the awesome stuff around her for little girls too!


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