Fall Photo Shoot Collaboration of Epic Proportions

For this fall post I had the honor  of working with my absolute dream team for a collaboration that made up this photo shoot! I think first I’m going to begin with the outfit. This outfit is my total go-to look for everything. This look can carry you through your entire day no matter where you are going, what you are doing, or what event you are attending. The great part is that it’s so comfortable it feels casual. For something more dressy you can just tweak your accessories and jewelry a little to dress it up or down!

For starters, this dress is the hottest fall color of the moment and one of my all time favorites. I must admit I’m probably buying too many things in olive green lately, I just really gravitate to it! The next thing in this photo is this gorgeous plaid blanket scarf. Plaid is major this season, personally it’s always major in my world. I’m really glad these big blanket scarves are trending big time right now because I’ve loved them for years, finding them anywhere, as big as I wanted them, was always the issue previously. No longer is it an issue! They are so versatile and can be worn so many different ways! In my photos above I tried to show you two of the easiest ways to style the scarf with the outfit, as well as some shots with no scarf just to show you it’s not needed to complete this outfit. The scarf definitely adds a fun aspect to the outfit visually and very much helps making it a warmer outfit for the cooler weather we are now experiencing!

Another accessory added is the belt matching the boots! It’s a great way to add a little definition to your waist when wearing a flowy top or dress. It really helps to ensure you don’t end up looking like a fluffy lump in loosely draped fabric (hehe). Okay, now, these boots and the FRINGE! Fringe is something else I kind of unknowingly obsess over. So much so it’s been a joke lately when I’m pulling clothes to put looks together. Almost every outfit I piece together has fringe in some aspect. On a totally serious note, I’ve been searching everywhere and every site for these fringe boots for almost 4 years now. They weren’t really a big thing before so they were hard to find and when I did manage to locate a pair my size was always sold out. So now, they are actually also turning into a trend this year and I was actually able get myself a pair! I’m probably going to need more colors of them because I’m seriously in love with them.

The final part of the outfit in some of the photos is my Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote. I’m a total sucker for designer purses. I splurge on one and then use it for years. This one I dreamed about for a long time before it became mine. It’s huge and holds everything I need it too. It’s built fantastically solid and I know it’ll take years of use to fall apart. It may not even ever fall apart. It’s so sturdy and well made. A splurge worth making. I should also mention that Tory Burch is in the middle of an online fall sale, take 30% off virtually everything they have!

So make sure you flip through all the photos in the above gallery. I really had a blast on this shoot. My make up and hair are by Jackie Hovorka. She has a salon called Full Metal Artistry. She really to me is number one in her game. She does hair and make up like no other. My make up she did for this shoot was so spot on that the photos didn’t really require any editing. My make up in these photos is just a tiny taste at the amazingness that is Jackie. The hair styling and coloring she can do will absolutely blow you away!  I will link you below to her and you can also follow her on Instagram at @fullmetaljaxon. Not only is she a super pro but I really enjoyed HER as well. So sweet and great to work with. I very much enjoyed my time with her getting ready for the shoot! You really need to check her out and see the amazing things she can do!

For the photos is the wonderful Dan Eisenhauer! I will also link you below to him as well. I really highly suggest booking a session with him. He is so easy to work with and the photos he produces are simply stunning. He’s got an eye for photography like no one else. I also need to mention that he’s fantastic with children. My daughter was with me for the photo shoot and he was so great with her. He made it a fun experience for the both of us! I don’t think there is a project he won’t take on. I know too that he does gorgeous engagement and wedding photos, as well as family pictures and children’s portraits. There is just something about the way he captures people in his photos that is so raw and beautiful. His creativity is one of my personal favorite things. Nothing he produces is less then stunning. Follow him on Instagram at @danny_soulcrate_music

Last, but not least. My scarf and dress are from Chelsea’s Boutique which I will link as well. They are pieces I picked during my visit to her store to interview her for a feature on my blog which will be my next post! I don’t want to spill a lot about Chelsea just quite yet but I just adore so much about her and her store! I know you’ll love my upcoming feature on her and her boutique! Want to hear something else way awesome cool about Chelsea’s?!!? She’s total going to give away and $250 shopping spree!! How amazing is that?!! Here’s a link to sign up, all you need to do is enter your email and then verify your account when you receive the email from Chelsea’s! Super easy!! To sign up for your chance at winning a $250 shopping spree click here!

The boots are from Filly Flair. If you follow my blog you know that tons of my pieces come from there! So I will link the boot section below so you can browse through the many adorable options they offer currently. Don’t forget to keep your eyes out at the end of this month for the photo shoot I was so lucky to shoot for Filly Flair’s feature in our local “SHE” Magazine! I can’t wait to see how that turned out too! It was a total blast to shoot.

Jackie Hovorka – Full Metal Artistry Link

For business inquiries she prefers to be emailed at this address: jackie.fullmetalartistry@gmail.com

Dan Eisenhauer Portfolio Link

Link to contact Dan and to check out his work!

Link to Chelsea’s Boutique Online – where to order featured items!

Browse and buy the boots from Filly Flair!

Check out the Tory Burch Fall Sale!

*Use the code: FALLEVENT for 30% OFF EVERYTHING!



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