Chelsea’s Boutique [Downtown Sioux Falls, SD]


One sentence to describe the store, just like her business card states, Chelsea’s Boutique is “The store your husband doesn’t want you to find.”


Once you step into the boutique, you’ll understand why your significant other may not want you to find it! I had the great opportunity to sit and talk with Chelsea the other night after spending forever looking through the store for what I needed to come home with me! A little background on the boutique you may not know is that she originally opened her store six and a half years ago in downtown Chamberlain, SD. Ironically I have family in Chamberlain and spent parts of my life growing up in Chamberlain so I had shopped at Chelsea’s for many years before she finally packed up her store and relocated it to downtown Sioux Falls, SD. She now has been open in Sioux Falls for two and a half years already!

I asked Chelsea what lead to her opening up a boutique. She told me about how she’d always been really interested in fashion. If you’ve been to Chamberlain you know that there really aren’t any places to shop for clothing and one day It just so happened that a store space opened up in Chamberlain. After quite of bit of thought she decided to take a chance and hop on the opportunity! After a lot of work, sweat, and elbow grease she finally opened Chelsea’s Boutique!

One thing I always notice about her store is that she never really has items all the other boutiques carry. She truly manages to offer a great variety to choose from and doesn’t offer the same things you can find everywhere else. So out of curiosity I wanted to know how exactly she decides what to bring into her store for her customers. What exactly does she look for in the items she chooses? Her answer is one I really loved a lot. She told me that she’s always looking for pieces that will fit every shape, size, and body type, and still look fantastic. She wants pieces that are very versatile and could be a staple in the wardrobe of every lady. She stays away from bringing in things that are tight fitting and possible uncomfortable. She believes in providing women with clothing they feel empowered wearing, clothing that is comfortable but still makes you feel ready to take on the world!

I really love how much she is focused on helping other women. She not only does she try to spread confidence to the ladies that come to her store, she also does a lot of work helping others find their inner confidence by being a coach in the Dress For Success Program! For those of you who don’t know what that is or what they do, Dress For Success is a program that provides each of it’s clients with professional attire, for things like job interviews, to help them secure employment! They help women in need of a job that may not have the means to supply themselves with the clothing they need to attend an interview. The hope is that an outfit is not just an outfit, and that it can provide each woman with the tools needed for success. They say that they “strive to help women realize their full potential and also become financially independent”. On November 5th Chelsea is involved in an event with Dress for Success called Rock the Runway. Along with some other boutique owners and people, they will get a bag of old clothes. The goal is to then rework these old clothes however you want by cutting, sewing, bedazzling, whatever you choose! But in the end you need to have made a completely new, more in style outfit of what you had! So it’ll be a really fun event seeing what everyone comes up with! I’ll provide a link to the Dress for Success website below in case you want to learn anymore information then what I provided.

Click here to learn more about Dress for Success and to learn how you can donate clothing or even volunteer!

Chelsea is also currently featured in the October issue of the local “SHE” Magazine. She had the chance to style outfits from her boutique for a full photo spread! So make sure you pick that up and check it out. If you don’t know about it or where to find it, you can find copies for free at lots of local stores and of course at each Hy-Vee in Sioux Falls. It’s always included in the section with the other free local magazines when you walk in the front doors!

Click here to see photos from the SHE Magazine photo spread styled by Chelsea!

She has one more upcoming event for NAMI on November 7th at The District in Sioux Falls. She’s actually going to be dancing in a “Dancing with the Stars” local stars competition! So good luck Chelsea! We all can’t wait to see how you do! She is always constantly involved in tons of events throughout the community. Chelsea does a ton of things to help so many different charities every chance she has. It’s really pretty awesome all the different ways she gives back! I know I already said it but she truly is all about finding ways to help empower others.


Finally I asked her where she’d like to be in  5 years, what is a goal she has? She told me she really has a dream to open more stores, hopefully one of those can be something in her near future. It’s something she’d really be happy to see happen!

I really encourage everyone to stop into her store or browse online. She has so many great things to choose from! Chelsea’s Boutique is really one of my top go-to stores if I need something to wear for any and every occasion! The only problem you might have is spending more money then you intended to. If Chelsea happens to be there while you’re shopping, be sure to chat with her, she’s got a lot of great things to say!

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