I’m Starring in a Commercial!

Earlier this week, on Monday, I was given the most amazing opportunity by Michelle from Tan On Demand. I got to shoot a commercial for her business! It was so much fun! We met at the Tan On Demand Suite in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. Along with two other girls we got to sit and have our make up done by Jodi Hunter of Bombshell Beauty Make up. Here is my finished look below:

Click here to link to Bombshell Beauty Makeup!

Click here to link to Bombshell Beauty Makeup!

I loved this makeup look! It felt so fresh and bright! I’m totally going out to buy the lip color she used on me, I really loved that. I always struggle finding a good color of lip stick or lip gloss so I’m really excited to have someone else show me something that worked really well for an everyday look!!

Michelle let us where whatever we wanted and pick our own outfits to come in! I picked up this top at Chelsea’s Boutique! It’s one of her new fall items so I will link it to the photo of my outfit below! I paired it with a red and gold necklace for a pop of color and underneath I wore a simple plain white mini dress from Forever 21 out of their “Basics” section! My final piece to complete my commercial outfit is my favorite boots of the moment, my fringe boots from Filly Flair! I bought two different colors so I’ve been wearing them pretty obsessively with everything lately!

Click here for Chelsea's Boutique Andi's Top!

Click here for Chelsea’s Boutique Andi’s Top!

All in all, the whole shooting a commercial was definitely an interesting experience! It was mostly saying a line over and over in different ways and in different areas of Tan On Demand! It will for sure be interesting to see how it turns out! What I can say is it was a total blast! The ladies in the photo with me and the ladies behind the scenes that day  were so much fun to hang out with and work with! I’m so beyond grateful to Michelle the awesome chances she continues to give me all the time! Keep your eyes out on Fox KTTW for the commercial! I don’t actually even have cable so I can’t tell you for sure what channel that even is! Haha!!  If you haven’t been to Michelle for a spray tan, DO IT!! If you want more info check out my previous post about Tan On demand or their website! You totally get to book your appointments online, it’s super cool! Don’t forget too that spray tans are buy three get one free!! You can see in the photos above how great of a job she does on a spray tan!

Click here to Check out Tan On Demand’s Website! They just had it redone and it looks FANTASTIC!!


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