Style Your Sweatshirt!

It’s finally starting to cool down and I am so excited to get more into some Fall fashion posts! When it cools down do you struggle finding a mix between comfortable and work dress code appropriate clothing?? What if I told you that the two dolmen tops above were actually sweatshirts?! These are one of my most favorite finds right now because of the versatility they offer! So I love that they look like a regular shirt you’d throw on with some nice accessories to wear to work, but that the material is actually thicker and crazy soft inside.

Lets go with the route that you want to wear this to work, how can you make it work? Pull out some of your best necklace/earring combinations for a quick easy dressed up style. Pair with some leggings or whatever pants are in your dress code! Grab some great booties, slouchy boots, or stylish riding boots to complete your look. Have days that might be more chilly or maybe you aren’t much of a jewelry person. Don’t worry, you can add your favorite infinity scarf, or even a great plaid blanket scarf! You can find those all over the place right now in tons of colors and prints. Most are priced between $10 to $30 making them a great staple to add to your cool weather wardrobe. You could even pull out your fancy faux fur vest from last year or the denim one that seems to go with everything. Vests are a great way to layer and add more interest to your outfit!

Want to tone it down for a relaxing evening at home or a cozy weekend at home? Some cute printed leggings or your trusty old pair of destroyed denim would complete a great look for either running errands or lounging around! I’m pretty sure you could even get away with some great skinny jeans and some nice pumps or mule heels with this shirt! Accessories can really set the tone for your outfit. There are so many ways to wear this sweatshirt, so I bought two colors because I loved the first one I bought so much!

If you were wondering, YES, they are from Filly Flair! They have multiple colors available so I will add the links, just click below for each! Look out later in the week for actual “In Real Life” photos I will be adding in case you are curious! Take my word though, this is definitely a great buy that will keep a place in your wardrobe for quite a few years to come! Tell me, what’s your favorite way to style your outfits? What’s your go to look?

On a Cloud Oversized Dolman in Maroon

On a Cloud Oversized Dolman in Blue

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