Faux Fur Vest and Gingham Love

First thing, FAUX FUR. I buy it in literally everything, blankets, pillows, rugs, slippers, and now there is THIS VEST. I wish you could feel it through your screen so you could understand how insanely soft this one is! I really like to wear gingham and flannel everything once the weather starts to cool down so you may see similar looks from me in the coming months. Vests are also something I like to pair with everything. I mean really, what can’t you put a vest with? I sure cant think of anything. The other reason this outfit is to die for is all the camel colored accents in the belt and the lining of the vest. It makes it a perfect match for my boots! These boot are the greatest shoe I’ve ever owned. This is seriously the third pair of this exact boot I’ve gone through. I buy two at a time because I’m so worried about the day no one carries them anymore and I’ve worn a hole in my last pair! What will I do then!?!? (Yes, I have a lot of nonsensical irrational fears). Noelle Mae Boutique has an adorable boot in stock right now that looks nearly identical to the ones pictured so I am going to link you to those. Want to know the best part? They’re UNDER $50! I real.ly think if you get the boots you’re going to need to add this whole outfit to your shopping cart too. This vest is seriously trending this year and it pairs perfectly with the black plaid tunic dress! The fun thing is that all of these are brand new items! This post is the first time anyone will get the chance to see the tunic and order it! Pretty cool huh! Click the links and get to checking out! Shipping is always free!


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