Tunics, and Leggings, and Flats, Oh My!

There’s nothing more simple and comfortable then to throw on a tunic and leggings with some simple flats! It’s a look that’s nice enough to wear the office, comfy enough to make your weekly grocery run in, or cheer on your child in their sports activity! Here’s a few of my favorite tunics to choose from! The ones I am linking are all from Noelle Mae Boutique. The black and white striped Abby Tunic I have pictured is sold out so I am linking something similar also from NMB. The white one with the fringe on the bottom is called the Solid Crochet trim dress, that is available but in limited sizing I believe. I’ll show one more striped tunic because I love all things striped and it has a hint of mustard color which is super huge for fall this season and last season. It’s a NMB top also, I’ll have to link to a tunic that’s different but really very similar. When it comes to flats I think that Tory Burch makes some of the best and they are worth the investment. They’re very well made so they won’t be falling apart quickly and they will definitely allow you to walk your moneys worth out of them! They have tons of colors and styles to pick from, the ones I have pictured are the Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats in black! I can wear these all day and stay on my feet and they still don’t hurt by the end of the day. I highly recommend them!




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