[ Fall Layers ] Comfy sweaters and boots are coming!

There is literally nothing I love more than giant comfy sweaters and boots! I love all kinds of boots, especially if those boots involve fringe. I also have a specific obsession with camel/caramel colored boots. In this post I’ll link you to some great booties from Noelle Mae Boutique (NMB) that are just like the ones in the picture. They are super comfortable so they can withstand all day wear and you won,t end up with sore blistered feet in the morning! NMB also carries quite a few pairs of the best destroyed denim ever. I’ll link my favorite brand of hers, which is the Flying Monkey brand. I practically live in them when I can! The necklace pictured is a brand new release and actually comes in 4 different colors! You could practically pair one with every outfit because of all the different colors available. Noelle Mae Boutique is online only, so after you check these links be sure to browse the rest of the store!  Now, that sweater pictured, that is from Laurie Bell’s Boutique located in Tea, SD she also has an online store to order from so I will list the links for her items as well!. This Diamond Knit Sweater does come in another color than what is pictured. I love everything Aztec print, you’ll probably see that as a reoccurring theme in my blog. The cute tank underneath is also from Laurie Bell’s, I’m a huge sucker for a cute graphic tank or tee, as long as the saying applies to my life!




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