White Out!

Do you ever have an event come up and you panic because you have no idea what in the world you are going to wear?! ESPECIALLY when the event has a dress code or theme! I’m going to give you a little advice on this post to save your life in moments like these! This is also a great thing in general to help you maximize the use of your wardrobe and to help you stay in style without having to start all the way over on your wardrobe. This will definitely save you some money as well!!

So, the specific event in this case is Chelsea’s Boutique’s Style and the City Event! It’s a “White Out” party. Meaning, try to wear all white, or at least as much as possible! For the example I’m going to give you in this post we are going to base some outfits around one staple piece. A staple piece is an article of clothing that is classic, it never goes out of style. It can stay in rotation in your closet until it’s totally worn out! To show you what I mean we are going to start out with this, a white pencil skirt.

A pencil skirt is one of the best staple pieces you can invest in! I have a decent section in my closet of pencil skirts in lots of colors and patterns so I can mix and match when I want to! This skirt is great on all body shapes and sizes and it gives you that great hour glass looking figure! It’s also an article of clothing that is appropriate to wear to just about anything you can imagine! Wear it to work as well as just about any other event because it can be dressed up or down!

Now, here’s where the advice in this post starts. If you keep staple items in your closet, they can easily be mixed with “trendy” items that may go in and out of style. Trendy items tend to be more “disposable” meaning you probably won’t keep them for too long because they may not catch your eye as much the next season. Some trendy items CAN have staying power though. It just somewhat depends on your personal preference of what you wear! This is also how you can take one piece of clothing and make it work for multiple people with different taste in clothing as well! Let me show you what I mean.

For this example I have three new tops from Chelsea’s Boutique that can all be worn with the same skirt but create totally different outfits!

Not only is each top possibly geared towards different personal taste or style but it could work for just one person in different seasons as well! Obviously in warmer weather you are going to be more likely to want to wear something like a tank top or sleeveless top. When it’s cooler out you’ll still be able to wear the pencil skirt but you’ll probably want to pair it with a cardigan or something with long sleeves! There’s a variety of those things shown above! Another great way to change up your look is to add different accessories like different jewelry, shoes, or handbags!

Now below I will show you three different options of outfits all using the one key staple piece I showed you above, the white pencil skirt!



So see above how I took the same skirt and just mixed it with three different tops from Chelsea’s Boutique? I also changed some of the accessories! Like those great white shoes in the middle photo from Chelsea’s Boutique’s store “S.H.U.E.S”! It’s the greatest local store to head to for shoes and accessories for your outfits! I like to stop at Chelsea’s Boutique first and put together a few items and then wander down to S.H.U.E.S and match up jewelry and shoes to the things I picked out at Chelsea’s! She’s really down a great job providing everything you’d ever need to complete your look and wardrobe!

One last really great investment you can make for your wardrobe is a great jacket that goes over EVERYTHING!! Even if it’s only trendy for a little while, if the jacket is versatile enough that you can wear it with everything, then it’s completely worth the splurge! I don’t know about anyone else but I do tend to get chilly pretty often, even in the warmer seasons, so for me a jacket that looks good with anything is a huge must! Need an example? Check out this gorgeous white one from Chelsea’s!

How amazing is THAT!! It definitely can go over all the outfits above! It also helps complete a great “White Out” look for the Style and the City Fashion show! I hope that helped give you some ideas for your outfit. I can’t wait to see what everyone wears! Which outfit do you think I’m going to be wearing?!


Here’s a link to shop at Chelsea’s Boutique online in case you saw some items above you just can’t live without!! There’s also tons of other beautiful, fantastic options to chose from!

Click HERE to shop online at Chelsea’s Boutique!

Here’s also a link to the Style and the City event on Facebook in case you need more information or have any questions! I can’t wait to see you all there!

Click HERE for Style and the City!




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