Room Redo!

When we moved into our house this room was the only room that hadn’t been remodeled by the previous owners. They had used it as an office for their business. So the first thing we had done was had the tile professionally cleaned. I knew it wasn’t realistic to replace it right away and luckily it’s grey! So instead we just had it cleaned! Then we picked out some paint colors. The entire rest of the house is the same color grey so for this room we got a nice bright white and an accent color of blue. The room is in the basement and it doesn’t really get much natural light so I wanted to have it be light bright colors. Here’s a few “before photos”.

It took a lot of paint to cover that dark red that was in there! We use this as the guest room and somewhat of an “office”. We didn’t really have any set furniture for this room so for the first 2 years we were here it mostly got what was leftover and didn’t have a place in the rest of the house. It served it’s purpose but we finally decided to give it a more cohesive feel!

I cleaned a lot of stuff out of the room to start. Then I spent the next week redoing a lot of what was already in the room! I used sliver paint and silver spray paint to make some of the furniture go together better. I also found some fun marble contact paper and redid a shelving unit that had already been in the room when we moved in. It turned out really nice, here’s a photo!

We found a newer headboard on Wayfair on sale for $100, I spent a little on one piece of artwork for the wall to tie the room together, and a little on a new floor mirror to go in the room! Everything else I used was from somewhere in the house or was in the room already and redone! I really love the results. Here’s some photos of the final look!

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