“The Birthday Outfit”

My birthday is in July, it already happened this year. I turned 29, yikes! In my world my “birthday outfit” is a huge deal. It’s the one time of year I feel completely entitled to wear whatever my heart desires, no matter the cost! Ok, so the last part about no matter the cost is more of a dream then reality, unfortunately I don’t have the kind of budget that allows whatever my heart desires. If that were truly the case I would’ve worn Christian Louboutin’s, and I didn’t. Back to reality. One true thing is that I start looking for what I want to wear a few months before hand because sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out the perfect outfit. Finding all the pieces to this perfect outfit is a whole separate task in it self. This year’s outfit idea happened one random day while I was shopping at Chelsea’s Boutique downtown. I found a hot pink skirt. Then I saw a photo online of how Chelsea had styled the skirt. Unfortunately the shirt I needed from Chelsea’s to complete my outfit was out of stock. Figures right? Now, when I say I looked forever for this top, I mean it did take a few weeks, but that’s when the next thing happened. I was browsing Lot 2029’s online store when I saw it. It was THE top. Thankfully, it was in stock!! As soon and I ordered the top I knew right away what earring were going to make the outfit whole. I’d been eying them for months on Kendra Scott’s site and now I had the perfect excuse to buy them! All in all,  I believe this outfit was a success! I received a lot of compliments, so even though it’s not brand new, I’m posting it! You could easily switch out the top for something slightly warmer and wear it in cooler fall weather also. The fabric of the skirt is decently thick and would be pretty warm for fall. Although these exact pieces are no longer available I will link similar items from each store! Then I’ll start planning next year’s outfit.

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