Crochet, It’s Not Just For Yarn!

I normally wear very plain clothes and put details into my accessories for interest. So lately I’ve really been trying to find some clothes with details already in them! Crochet is really making it’s way back into clothing right now. I picked two of my favorite pieces I’ve found so far! First is the Marianne Vest from Noelle Mae Boutique. I really like this one because it can follow you through all the seasions. It looks incredibly cute in the summertime with a lace tank dress of almost any color. In the winter you can pair it with leggings, a tunic, and boots! There really are all kinds of ways to wear this one! The best part is that it’s on sale right now! Click the photo below to be taken to the link for purchase! The second piece I picked is the “Crochet Vibes Dress” from Filly Flair. Again, this is a piece you can wear throughout the different seasons. in the summer it’s great as a dress with some cute little sandals and its works great in colder weather as a tunic with some leggings and boots once again! To be honest, both of these are pieces I did not like at all when I first saw them plain on a hanger. These two are items that really go to show the power of great marketing because literally as soon as I saw these paired as an outfit in photos I had them in my shopping cart for purchase! I hope that’s how you feel seeing them! Lucky for you all you have to do is click on the photos below and you CAN add them to YOUR shopping cart too!



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