Sidewalk Arts Festival 2015

On our list of our top 5 most favorite things Aubrey and I look forward to every year the is Sidewalk Arts Festival in downtown Sioux Falls. My parents always took me when I was little and I loved it then. So it’s awesome for me to get to take Aubrey and that she enjoys it as much as I do! I’m going to share some of our finds with you but first things first. You can’t so wander around shopping on a Saturday without a cute outfit first! I got to pull out my “Daydream in the Garden Dress in Rose” for the first time, it just arrived at my house this week! I’ve been waiting for a good reason to take it out of the plastic, I thought today was a good one. The dress is from Filly Flair, along with my favorite cross body purse pictured below!! It’s big enough to hold my millions of things I haul in my purse and somehow it never hurts starts to hurt my sholder like some of my others. I’ll link both of them below! I finally got a necklace from “Brick House Creations”, I’ve been following them online for a while now. I was really excited to see they were on the list of vendors and they really did a nice job setting up their booth! I’ll attach their link to the photo of the necklace I purchased below! I also go my awesome South Dakota with a “605” cut out. That is from “Metal Junkies” and it was incredibly difficult picking what to get from their booth, they really had some super cool stuff for your yard AND inside your home. Everything they sell is things made out of metal, hence their name! I’ll link their site to the South Dakota photo below, I suggest you check both vendors out, definitely worth your time! Aubrey’s favorite every year is the booths of handmade little outfits for her American Girl doll. If you have a little girl I’m going to link you to the site of out favorite vendor for the tiny clothes! This lady does a crazy amazing job sewing these and they are  wonderful quality possibly better then the actual store! We highly recommend her! The last vendor I’m going to mention is someone we’ve been buying from for 4 years now. Every single year we specifically hunt down her booth for our yearly purchase! “Cindy K’s Boutique” makes these great little pouches in TONS of different fabrics and many different size! She also has now added little lip gloss pouches to attach to your key ring, some little cross body purses, and she has a multitude of handmade headbands to choose from! They are fantastic quality, mine get dirty beyond recognition in my purse but they never fall apart or get holes! I don’t have a photo right now to be able to link those so I’ll update this post tomorrow evening with her information so you can check her out too!!

There are so many great booths, I always wish I had more time to wander and tons more money to spend! I really felt like this year was one of the better years as far as the vendors in attendance and the fun products offered! Was much harder to pick my purchases this year!

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