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Do you ever have the problem where you just cannot find what you are looking for anywhere?!? Especially at the price point you are needing it to be in? Well I do! My most recent failing search was new curtain panels for my living room windows. I needed something different because I just didn’t love what I had. When I originally picked panels for the living room I couldn’t find anything I liked so I just chose a pattern in the colors I was needing and called it a day. Needless to say those panels have been picking at me everyday since.

So recently I decided to go about my search for the perfect panels again. Unfortunately, I had the same problem again. My windows are quite wide so I need more then 2 panels to cover the full windows, or I need wide curtains. Neither option makes buying curtains a cheap purchase. I don’t want to spend $50+ on each panel so after way too much searching I finally decided to just make my own! So I searched around and just found some plain white panels for around $10 a piece, I bought 4 to go along with some existing plain colored panels I already had. I bought 2 small bottles of gold metallic paint for just a little over $1 each. Then I found the right sized circle sponge/paint brushes I was wanting for only about $3 for the little package pictured below!

The panels came with directions to place the curtains in the dryer on low for 2o minutes to remove the wrinkles, so I did that first. Then I laid each panel on the floor and one by one added polka dots  down and across the entire length. It was really super simple just a little time consuming. The paint only took a few hours to dry! If you plan on needing to wash your curtains often you may want to splurge on some fabric paint that won’t wash off eventually!

Don’t worry, they don’t have to be perfect either. The paint on mine got quite smudged in multiple spots on all the panels every time I tried moving them off the floor to somewhere they could lay to dry. I couldn’t leave them on the floor because I have a small house and small dogs that would trample all over them during the drying process. So if at all possible, try to do these somewhere that you won’t have to move them while they dry! While I would prefer the curtains were perfect, since they are handmade I’m ok that they aren’t. It makes them feel a little more authentic and I mean lets be real, tons of stuff comes covered in splattered paint now-a-days, purposely made that way!

I did simple gold polka dots on plain white curtains. Really though, the possibilities are endless! You can choose any color, any paint, any pattern! Craft stores have rows and rows of patterns, sponge shapes, and every embellishment you can dream of! Plus, honestly, it’s pretty fun to be able to say you handmade or decorated something yourself. Especially when that means you get exactly what you want or what you are looking for! There’s also a little extra pride in something you did on your own. The best part it the whole project was under $50 instead of $50 per panel!

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