Aztec Prints and Tons of Color …

I really love prints, on lots of things. For me, on clothes usually isn’t one of the places. When it comes to clothes I really gravitate mostly towards neutrals and every so often I’ll throw a color in somewhere because sometimes an article will catch my eye. That’s what happened with these Aztec prints. The tee shirt in the picture is from Filly Flair. Every time I went to the boutique, the girls that were working were wearing this shirt or something similar and I really thought it was super cute on them, so I bought one. I’m not sure still if I’m 100% all in on this shirt for me but I can tell you the shirt it amazingly comfortable. I’m not against buying another one either, I just think I need the find the right outfit combination for all the colors in it! Either way, it goes to show you the power of marketing! Having the employees wear the store’s clothing while they’re working really does help sell them! I’ll link it below or something similar depending if it’s sold out online. The longer sleeved shirt on the left is a Noelle Mae Boutique shirt again and to be honest I haven’t worn it yet, I really want to wait for cooler weather first! She’s out of stock online but just posted some adorable hoodies that are super similar and would be fantastic with leggings so I will link that for you! Last but not least, we can’t forget the leggings! To be honest, I totally live in leggings because I can’t wear jeans to work Monday-Thursday so these are my go-to comfy item! The only place I get them, and the best place in my opinion is Lot 2029 in Downtown Sioux Falls! They have colors and colors galore! They also have them in full length or Capri. The Fabric is wonderful, not at all see through, very soft and the perfect thickness for summer or winter. Want to here the best part?! They’re only $15 and under! But beware, the store is insanely cute and full of great clothes, purses, jewelry, and home décor so it’s highly doubtful you’ll leave with ONLY leggings! I’ll link those below too!



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